Tuesday, 2 June 2009

"Turkey should never join the EU" - how the Bulgarian nationalists motivate their view

Nikola Rachev was born on Sept. 19, 1983 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He studies medicine at the Medical university in Sofia. Speaks English, Spanish and Russian. Nikola has been a member of political party "Ataka"'s youth organization for three years. His hobby - sports. Nikola likes to read historical literature. I interviewed Nikola on his view of Europe and the Bulgarian membership in the EU.

Q: What direction should the EU take - towards United States of Europe or towards Europe of the Nations?

A: I think the EU should implement the "Europe of the Nations" project. This way the national identity of Bulgaria will be preserved - something that "Ataka" is standing for.

Q: What's your opinion on the issue of enlargement? Should the Western Balkans and Turkey join the union and when?

A: Never. We should say "No" to the Turkish accession in the European Union. As we know Turkey is a descendent of the Othoman Empire and its values and religion are completely incompatible with the European ones. Turkey would never work in European interest. Besides, if Turkey becomes an EU member that would allow many Turkish citizens to come and vote on the Bulgarian parliamentary and European elections.

Q: What should be the priorities of the Bulgarian membership in the EU?

A: The main priorities are four. Firstly, the reopening of the closed reactors of the Bulgarian nuclear power plant "Kozludui". As we well know their closing was not a necessary condidtion for our EU accession. Secondly, I think the (agricultural) production quotas should be abolished or at least raised. The current quotas for Bulgaria are too low. Thirdly, the European social legislation should be applied in Bulgaria and last but not least - the EU should not interfere in national religious issues.

Q: What would be your personal priorities if you would become a Bulgarian representative in the European Parliament?

A: If I am elected my main priority would be to study the European health system in the different member states and try to apply it in Bulgaria as currently the Bulgarian health system does not work for the patients best interests.

Nikola Rachev is seventh on "Ataka"'s list for the European Parliament elections.

P.S. The interview has been made with the assistance of the Bulgarian National Television.

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  1. Nikola Rachev argues that the Turkish values and religious views are completely incompatible with the European ones. This is hardly the most convincing argument that a well-educated young individual can provide. Turkey is a modern secular democracy that has been developing at a fast pace. The EU aims at making different cultures and values compatible with one another and, as a new member of the Union, we should be trying to understand this goal.