Friday, 5 June 2009

"The Lisbon treaty would give Brussels more control over Bulgaria's unconsolidated democracy" says Boris Stanimirov of the Blue coalition

Boris Stanimirov was born in 1976 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He holds a Bachelor degree in molecular biology for the University of Sofia. Specialized in political science in the New Bulgarian University. Boris Stanimirov is vice-president of the European Young Conservatives under the patronage of Margaret Thatcher. Speaks four languages. Married with two kids – a boy and a girl.

Q: What direction should the EU take - towards United States of Europe or towards Europe of the Nations?

A: As far as the federalist project for Europe is connected to the Lisbon treaty, this is the vision that benefits Bulgaria more. Because on one side it gives Bulgaria more seats in the European Parliament and on the other - gives Brussels more control over Bulgaria's unconsolidated democracy. It has to be mentioned though, that Europe of the Nations also has good sides.

Q: What’s your opinion on the issue of enlargement? Should the Western Balkans and Turkey join the union and when?

A: The important topics for Bulgaria regarding enlargement concern Macedonia and Turkey. Turkey is quite big in terms of size and population. If she does not meet the membership standards she can destabilize the whole European Union. If small Bulgaria simply scandalized Europe with some internal problems then 70-million Turkey could destabilize and literally torpedo the European institutions. As far as Macedonia is concerned, Bulgaria was the first country to recognize its independence. I hope Bulgaria will also be the first to welcome Macedonia as a new EU member as soon as the country settles the disputes with its neighbors and adopts a truly European position towards Bulgaria.

Q: What should be the priorities of the Bulgarian membership in the EU?

A: Unfortunately, the first priority should be the restoration of trust in Bulgaria which was forfeited. Then the unfreezing of European funds for the country - almost 6 bn. Euros until 2013. Our ambition is to make that happen by the end of the year.

Q: What would be your personal priorities if you would become a Bulgarian representative in the European Parliament?

A: My personal priority would be that Bulgaria becomes home of all ethnic Bulgarians in the world. There are traditional Bulgarian communities in Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova which should have their European perspective. They should feel the support of European Bulgaria. That's our national ideal and a legacy of our ancestors. Bulgaria has never had an instrument to fulfill it as its European membership now.

Boris Stanimirov is seventh on the Blue Coalition’s list for the European Parliament elections.

P.S. The interview has been made with the assistance of the Bulgarian National Television.

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