Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Blogging campaign for the European elections - start

The launch event of the blogging campaign for the European parliament elections (4-7 June) was held last week in Brussels. Under the title "Think about it", the event attracted 81 bloggers from all the EU member states - three from each country. The Bulgarians, including myself, somehow managed to field four playes in this competition - the other three being Alex Krastev, Boyan Yurukov and Nelly Gocheva. As visible from their sites, Alex and Boyan are quite experienced in blogging while Nelly is studying journalism in London and yet to post online.

Each of us had encountered the add of the European Journalism Centre (EJC) through a different channel as the event was mentioned only post-factum by the Bulgarian media. The organizers of EJC had taken a good care of putting up together a solid program for our two-day stay in Belgium. On Monday, Jan. 26th all the bloggers attended a series of discussions at the Sofitel Hotel with the participation of respectful names such as BBC's Mark Mardell, Tony Barber of The Financial Times, not to forget Julian Popov of Bulgaria. On Tuesday, the organizers took us to the European Parliament building which offered a refreshing opportunity to ask politically incorrect question to the MEPs and the PRs of the main politcal groups. Especially interesting to the public appeared to be Gawain Towler who is charge of the press-contacts of the Independence/Democracy parliamentary group. He could surely afford that as the group members are opposing the very idea of a European Union.

Not to get into needless details, here's the trailer of the event:

P.S. All the 81 points of view can be found at http://thinkaboutit.eu.

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